UK meet USA (to be continued)

Anybody who knows me will surely know that I have a weakness for good old UK punk. In order to show that regardless of this personal preference of mine, I am an open minded girl and I do love a variety of punk I am going to showcase the ultimate old school punk bands (in my opinion) 5 UK and 5 USA... The timeless debate over Punk leaders - UK or USA will never be drawn to a close and so I suggest that us punk lovers out there accept the talent in both types and embrace it all in one punktastic playlist...

           UK Subs (1976)
           - original punk that made it in the charts yet still remained insanely real.
           Claps for the Subversives
            LISTEN TO : Tomorrows Girls

 Moving past the Uk subs with their ever changing line up and countless released and unreleased albums, the first USA band to be mentioned has to be

           The Ramones ( 1974 )
-2,263 concerts and still weren't the Kings of Commercial music but we all know that they were cited as the first Punk band ( to a great extent ) The Ramones crazw not only spread through the USA but hit the UK punk scene too, motivating young punk rockers to start their own shit and attempt to make their mark. and NO, they were not related... pseudonyms
       LISTEN TO : The Crusher

The Business ( 1979 )
- Closely associated o the Oi! movement, the band took a stance against political extremism. Several of their songs have also become UK Football anthems over the years ( most recently in 2001 )

: Guinness Boys



Despite the many flaws of my own generation, I will speak for all and say that what we lack in maths and science we make up for in music.  Spend an hour sitting at one of the teen hot-spots of your area and notice the children (and when I say children I mean 12-16 year olds) that pass by you and what they are wearing? You will be shocked by the number of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Ramones & Rolling Stones T shirts you see. One may say that it it due to Zara diamond encrusting the names of the most respected bands in history, others may say its simplya fashion statement and an attempt to fit in with tha group of cool kids who listen to cool music... Am I a dreamer to actually believe that in this sea of T shirts that strut their stuff by me everyday there are those few kids who wear the name of their idols across their chest out of respect and out of passion? because if so then I am a dreamer, and I'm proud of it...I refuse to believe that music is to such a great extent conenected to fashion, because if it were true, it would mean that music for what it is is underestimated, under appreciated and un important and this to me is tragic. If a child of 11 can appreciate the striking lyrics and gripping riffs of musicians of this level and this era then there is no excuse for us, the 18 year old leaders of our generation to narrow music down to hip hop and RnB and forget about 'those old men' of good old Rock n Roll.


The Age of Musical Sheep

In an age where society is made up of a flock of sheep who follow music trends as they do fashion trends simply to fit in, our musical preferences have to a great extent been sabotaged. In a world where music genres vary from tamla motown to christian rock why are we all so afraid to admit that deep down we actually sing along to Justin Bieber or to that one song by Avril Lavign that we love to hate?

The music industry is the center of open mindedness so why are we all so desperate to be the same? At the end of the day... I think that it's pretty cool to have Britney Spears and The Who on the same I-pod.. what's even cooler is having the guts to show your play lists to that one friend who will tease the crap out of you for it.