' What the fuck did they do to that song? ' is usually the phrase that pops into my head when watching the 'Glee' kids attempts to recreate some of the best music ever written. It is also the phrase that pops into my head when every pop-rock band on youtube attempts to recreate any rock anthem they think they can pull off. Then, there's  the bands who contributed to the 'Punk Goes Crunk' album who just make you laugh at the thought of emo kids in tights taking the piss out of RnB, Rap and Hip Hop.

I come across bitchy but I'm getting to the point. The point of this post is to celebrate the artists who managed to not only successfully showcase the talent of their idols by paying tribute to their music, but enhance it by translating the lyrics and the music into other genres and other styles. A good tribute can be moving, a good tribute can outdo the original version and a good tribute has the power to move us listeners just as much. 

Louie Louie - Richard Berry (1957)

This song has left a mark in music history generally, and not simply in that of one specific genre. Originally released in 1957 by doo-wop artists Richard Berry, the rock standard bore no resemblance to the song most of us know as Louie Louie. It has been re-released by artists such as Black Flag,Joan Jett, The Beach Boys, The Stooges, Zappa, The White Stripes and The Clash to name a few. The song has been ruined by some and perfected by others but the only thing we know for sure is that however much the lyrics may have changed as it passed from one artist to another, Louie Louie's rhythm is one we all recognise and love. 

It was the American band 'The Kingsmen' who were the first to record a version of 'Louie Louie' and it was released  in 1963. The band took Berry's smooth, easy going ballad and turned it into a more up tempo romp complete with backround chatter, roaring guitar strums and adapted lyrics. From them, it fell into the hands of 'Paul Revere & the Raiders' and between then and now, 'Louie Louie' has become the 2nd most recorded song, after 'Yesterday' by The Beatles.

In my opinion, Toots & Maytals,The Kinks and Motorhead are those who paid tribute to the song in the best possible way by presenting it in their own styles, with their own ideas and unique twists whilst keeping the true essence of the song alive.

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (1984)

Originally written and sung by the great Leonard Cohen, 'Hallelujah' is a song that I believe has been paid tribute to in the most beautiful ways. Leonard Cohen released it in 1984 on his LP 'Various Positions' which also featured a fellow masterpiece 'Dance me to the end of time.' What people don't understand about Cohen is that he was a poet. His lyrics are not just good, they are breath taking and heart felt which is why although this song was not perfected vocally by him and although the emotions he felt were not translated into the verses he sung, it had the potential to be magical when sung by the right voice.  This magic was found in the voices of several artists: John Cale, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and K.D Lang. The song is still paid tribute to by big names in the music world but in my opinion, the song can be left alone now as it has been perfected.

'Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah'

Fever - Little Willie John (1956)
Madonna, Jessica Bunny, Elvis and The Doors; what do they all have in common? FEVER.

The song, orginally written by Eddie Cooley and John Davenport in 1956 and recorded by Little Willie John. The confusion over who sang the song originally proves that Johns version of the song did not make the mark that others did and thus he is sadly forgotten. The first to release a cover of the song was Peggy Lee who also added lyrics to the song which she claimed no credit for. It became Lee's signature song and was nominated for 'Record of the Year' in 1958 for her interpretation of it. After her, numerous artists from various music genres experimented with the song. Elvis Presley released it in 1960 and Madonna brought it back in 1992 on her 'Erotica' album.

The L.A psychobilly band, The Cramps, released their rendition of 'Fever' in 1980 as their 3rd single. Personally, although  in my opinion, the likes of  The Kingsmen, James Brown and Eva Cassidy did the best job in re creating the song, The Cramps surprisingly captured the essence of the original song yet still portrayed what they are known for:  rockabilly, spook and ever changing tempos. 

It has been recorded by so many musicians that it is impossible to know all the versions in order to say which is best but in my opinion, the Kingsmen who are notorious for their killer covers, have done Little WIllie John proud by completely showing off the sexy rhythm and sweaty lyrics.
                                  INSANE COVERS OF INSANE SONGS:

- Die, Die my Darling ( The Misfits ) - Metallica

  The song originally composed by Glen Danzig and released by irreplaceable horror punk band ' The misfits' as their sixth single in 1984. Metallica recorded and released their version of the song for their 'Garage Inc.' album of 1998. From one great group of musicians to another, this song which has been called 'boring' on several accounts was brought back to life and in my opinion, its a tune. Metallica stayed true to the vibe of the song and made no attempt to change it  showing respect for the song and its composer.

-Rocket Man ( Elton John ) - Kate Bush , The Nixons
I found it really hard to chose one cover to present so I decided I'd present two.

 Before I talk covers, I would like to say that this song was written by both Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1972. Elton John may have done an outstanding job performing it, but it's obvious that Taupin hasn't been getting the credit he deserves for writing this masterpiece. It was a combined effort but the lyrics were based on his visions and his thoughts and without him we wouldn't have it. so thank you Bernie Taupin

          Kate Bush was the first to re create the song in 1991. Her reggae inflected version of the song is outstanding and her voice combined with Taupins lyrics produced something magical. Bush's version is probably the most memorable one up till date, regardless of the numerous musicians who have tried to put their touch on the piece.

          The Nixons, an American grunge band of the 90's really did something with the song in my opinion. They recorded and released it in 1999 on their 'Scrapbook' EP. Before hearing their version of 'Rocketman' I never imagined that they would be able to do it justice but they surprised me, as they have on other occasions with other tracks. Adding the harsh guitar intro and heavy drums to the original music honestly did make it something good and I commend t hem on their effort. I, for one, can still hear the passion in the lyrics.

- Blitzkrieg Bop ( Ramones ) - Rob Zombie 

This isn't just a song, this is a cult. It was written by Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone and released on  the bands debut album 'Ramones' in 1976 in the USA. The song was covered (and is probably still being covered) by bands all over the globe. Stand out performances for me are the versions by German punk band Die Toten Hossen, Screeching Weasel and the Hanson Brothers.

          Regardless of how much I love this guy, and regardless of the fact that everything he does is great whether it's film or music, I believe that the best version of this song was done by Rob Zombie. The song was released on his 1993 album 'Past, Present and Future' and also featured on the tribute to the Ramones 'We're a Happy Family.' What I love about his re creation of 'Blitzkrieg Bop' is that from the intro, you know it's Rob Zombie and the way the instruments are played is so characteristic of his music, but you can't miss the familiar chipper rhythm of the song as performed by the Ramones. He stayed true to himself and his style whilst paying his respects to the Ramones and I love the result. I listen to this more than I listen to the original and I think that if you find a version of a song that relates to you more than the original, you have discovered the beauty of cover songs.


There are so many other songs I would like to discuss but I think the ones I chose are songs that will never ever die. My advice to any bands looking to be cover bands:
Look up to bands like 'Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' who have taken on some of the biggest songs of all times and have adapted them to fit their own style.
The band is known for its up tempo SKA influenced style and album after album, you find fresh, original versions of songs that have made a mark in music history. 

Don't try to be the band you admire. Be Innovative.




so I talk about the people who listen to music, the people who make music, the people who help sell music but what about the people who are obsessed with the people who make music? 

No...not the loyal fans...the groupies. Lets talk about the groupies.

Urban Dictionary says that by definition a groupie is: 'A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys. '
 I reject the implication that a groupie is a term referring solely to women so I decided I'd correct this crappy definition as we all know that girl bands from the Runaways to Bikini Kill all had Groupies... and if I'm not mistaken they weren't all 'under age girls.' 
So by Christina's definition a groupie is: ' An extreme fan, male or female, who seeks to achieve status or publicity by having sex with, stalking or simply freaking out musicians.Not roadies or security guards.'
I wanna introduce some of the most successful groupies. Now, that sentence is pathetic- I know, but if the term 'groupie' brings up 10,500,000 results on google then I guess it should make for an interesting blog post.
PS. it is a complete coincidence that most of the people I plan on mentioning are female.

PAMELLA ANN MILLER ( Later Pamella Des Barres )

Pamella was your regular teenage dreamer. She grew up in Los Angeles and regularly fantasized about future relations with  Paul MacCartney and Mick Jagger. ( to name a few )  What separates her from many of the other girls fantasizing about sexual relations with their idols in the 1960's is that she actually put those plans into action.

 Dan Van Vliet ( Captain Beefheart ) was the one to get her settled in the LA rock music scene. Without him and the circles he ran in, Pam would never have met Bill Wyman and she wouldn't of met Frank Zappa and she definitely wouldn't have ended up babysitting his children. Her job as a babysitter scored her even more connections and those connections led to much fantasized sexual relations with Mick Jagger (one of many) and 'friendships' with Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Noel Redding ( played in Jimi Hendrix band ), Gram Parson (of the Byrds)  and Don Johnson ( actor and musician). 

Here comes the part where groupies start to really piss me off. They get in with the musicians and next thing you know they are opening act for Zappa's band ' Mothers of Invention.' She scored a place in the all girl group 'The GTO's' formed by her bestie Frank Zappa. The fact that the line up consisted of Pam and another 7 fellow groupies implies that they were being rewarded for their 'services' and the fact that they were referred to as more of an enigma that a band ( due to the fact that none of them were actual musicians ) also implies that they didn't deserve the credit they got in the first place. So yeah, hope you understand why young musicians such as myself might be annoyed that a bunch of groupies supported Zappa on tour and we're in the UK writing about them.

She later married Michael Des Barres from 'Detective' and 'Silverhead' 

Now, I know that I may have been quite harsh so here is where I give her the credit she deserved. She said she'd do it, and she did it. She said she'd be with the band and she was. She said she'd witness rock history in the makings and she did, so for that, I admire you Pam.Read 'I'm with the band' which she wrote to let us all in on the life of the 'it groupie' of her generation.


19 years of age..19 years of inspiration - TO BE CONTINUED...

It's 3:44 AM and as the dedicated blogger that I am, I have decided that it is about time that this much researched project becomes a post.

I have been alive for 19 whole years; 6935 days. In those 6935 days more than 18 killer albums have been released by more than 18 killer bands and this post is dedicated to the ones that have inspired me. I don't care if they are of no interest to you and I don't care if they haven't inspired you, touched you or influenced you. This is my blog and it's all about me. 

This is my life in albums...


- SNFU - The Last of the Big Time Suspenders  - SNFU have always been one of my top 5 bands. The fact that the release of this album marked the reunion of this band automatically places it in my 'favorote albums' list. Although it is not on this album, listen to ' Painful Reminder' and if after having listened to it you are not a fan then you obviously don't get what punk is about.

 - Dire Straits - On Every Street - 'You only get one life - this I know, I wanna get my licks in now before I go.' Basically, the lyrics of 'When It Comes To You' are an example of why I respect and idolize Dire Straits. This album alone ( not to mention the many other killer releases), is enough to get you to feel the same. this Blues, Jazz and rock influenced talent struck band is and ought to be globally renownded and it is my request that they are never forgotten.


- Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom -  Reggae, ska yet hardcore punk. I am pretty sure that everyone has at some time or other listened to Sublime. R.I.P Bradley Nowell. Sublime not only bring originality to the table, but bring a vibe of their own too. Sublime; we salute you. Listen to 'waiting for my Ruca' if you want to experience music from a completely alternative yet weird point of view...you will get hooked; I know it. 


- Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine - I'm not gonna lie...I was introduced to RATM by my guitar teacher; the most inspirational man I have yet to meet. Sitting in the bleachers of my school listening to 'Know Your Enemy', I though I was the coolest girl in year 7. Now I realize that this image I had painted of myself was justified. Rage Against the Machine were, are and will always be one of the most talented group of musicians...fact. Their harsh lyrics and the whole concept of combining hip hop and the killer strumming of Tom Morello into one song is genius and the mark they made in music history will remain. Listen to 'Know your Enemy.' I have nothing else to say.


-  Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dreams - A force. Smashing Pumpkins are a force and their second album 'Siamese Dreams' showcases their talent, originality and boundary pushing. Lyrically and musically ace. Pop, Heavy Metal & Rock...they got it all! Listen to 'Silverfuck' if you have yet to understand why I'm singing their praises. ( many seem to disagree with my opinion of them?)


- NOFX - Punk in Drublic - The official Innovators: playing gigs at the most hardcore venues, writing some of punks biggest masterpieces based on matters that make you think. They say we are NOFX and we don't care of this offends you, confuses you or makes you laugh...fuck convention. Doing things there own way , they released Punk In Drublic in 1994 bringing yet another 18 pure genius songs to their already slamming discography. Listen to 'Reeko' by far my favorite track off this album.

- The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge -  Released after Jaggers solo effort with 'Wandering Spirit' this album takes fans back to before the years of 'Tattoo you' and into Rolling Stone past. Obviously, we all know that this is not the stones best album, as history lies between tracks on albums such as 'Aftermath' and 'Beggers Banguet' however I like to think of this 1994 one as the rolling stones stripped of everything but their pure talent and passion. We see the Rolling Stones having fun with tehir talent and doing what they do best. The tracks suggest 'we love this' as apose to the 'you will love this' vibe given off from past records. Truth be told, whatever the vibe, the stones will always be the stones; untouchable and irreplacable in rock and roll history. Personally, the killer on this album is 'New Faces.' As apose to other songs on the album, it doesn't remind me of tracks on 'Tattoo you' or 'Steel Wheels.'


- Rancid -And out come the wolves - with songs like the ones on Rancids third album released in 1995, is it any wonder why they are one of the only bands who made it to the mid 90s punk scene unchanged and still coming out with their original, ska influenced catchy tunes? The album went platinum in 2004. Rancid, with this album released at the time it was, revived the true meaning of punk and kept it out there in the pop dominated 90s. Personally, I believe that the killer on this album is 'Roots Radical' because as well as being an amazing song, the actual roots of the song are fascinating to...look it up. Of course, 'Ruby Soho' and 'Timebomb' being monumental songs, added to the all around success of this album.



Cuz they don't die out

 On youtube today, the most viewed videos are those being released by artists such as Shakira, Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz and other known names of the Pop world. In a years time, it will be those being released by the new and improved versions of Lady Gaga and artists who like her, push boundaries and test fashion and musics dos and don'ts. Domination of the music scene is of no interest to me and don't get me wrong, I am by no means questioning their success. The point I am trying to make is that in my opinion, all these one minute crazes have accomplished nothing in comparison to bands that may not rule in youtube hits or twitter followers, but have survived 10 years in a business now being swept away by commercial music...how?
                                           Quality, Meaning & Dedication.
This post is dedicated to Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, Hot Water Music, Thrice & Pennywise. These are five of the many bands who may not have climbed to number one on the billboard charts but they sure did make their mark in music, and even today, with so much music controversy and variety, fans are loyal and their music is still heard.

Thrice (1998)                                         Pennywise (1988)

In the 7th grade, I had a friend who had exceptional taste in music. He was quite a few years older than me in school and although I was already passionate about music, I did learn alot from him. He made me numerous CDs of things he thought I'd like and that's when I was introduced to bands such as 'Thrice', 'Bad Astronaut' , 'Hot Water Music' and 'NOFX'.  From the time I got those CD's, I started digging into websites and noticed that some of the best music is the music that you don't hear in big stadium concerts and don't see on the headlines on music channels, but even today, six years from the time I was introduced to such bands, their influence passes through generations and such music is eternal, irreplacable and always respected.

Hot Water Music (1993)                          Bad Astronaut (2000)

    A man worth admiring is Joey Cape: Lead Vocalist of Lagwagon & Bad Astronaut and guitarist in Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. There is something amazing about the three projects he contributed to. Bad Astronauts lyrics are like no other of their time...deep and about deep emotion and personal issues. Their album 'Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem' released in 2002 is still one of my favorite albums. Me First and he Gimme Gimmes are in my opinion the best cover band in punk rock. Their original take on some of the most classic songs of all time is truely a joy to listen to and not simply guitar and drums in the backround of a cult song. Lagwagon showcased a new take on punk rock in the 1990's; very fresh.The fact that Cape was able to transform himself and experiment with music with his own bands Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut and then play a key role in another band shows dedication to music, eagerness to be involved and passion to keep going.

Lagwagon (1990)


the man behind the posters

         So let me set the scene: You're walking down the street heading for the bus stop, or waiting for a friend on a  corner...what are you surrounded by other than people, dog shit, honking cars and buildings? or better yet, what do you see on every street corner, on every electricity poles or bus stop? Posters. A never ending supply of reminders of upcoming gigs and festivals all attempting to attract your attention with bright colours and busy fonts. Some you may look at, out of boredom, out of curiosity or maybe just because the backround is so bright that you can't help but look...but have you ever sat and wondered who the person behind these posters is? Have you ever imagined the amount of things he/she has seen, musicians he's talked to, labels he's nagotiated with? Probably not, and yeah...I hadn't either until I came across 'Secret Serpents' (http://secretserpents.wordpress.com) a blog dedicated not only to the musicians, but to the artists behind the covers and the posters that inform you and me that this band is ready to get loud..make an impact or simply be introduced.
Little recognition but a hell of a lot of memories I bet!
  Now, I may call myself a musician, but an artist in the sense of art & design I am not...and although my passion lies in other fields as well as music, I had never realised the talent behind these album covers, or behind the posters I see online. In a nutshell, the fact that one man alone, for example Alan Forbes, the man who is responsible for the creations  have showcased in this post, has worked with the likes of  AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, Black Crows, Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age and an insane amount of other ace musicians strikes me as quite an achievement.

 Alan Forbes - Artist/Designer of rock band posters, symbols and album covers.