UK meet USA (to be continued)

Anybody who knows me will surely know that I have a weakness for good old UK punk. In order to show that regardless of this personal preference of mine, I am an open minded girl and I do love a variety of punk I am going to showcase the ultimate old school punk bands (in my opinion) 5 UK and 5 USA... The timeless debate over Punk leaders - UK or USA will never be drawn to a close and so I suggest that us punk lovers out there accept the talent in both types and embrace it all in one punktastic playlist...

           UK Subs (1976)
           - original punk that made it in the charts yet still remained insanely real.
           Claps for the Subversives
            LISTEN TO : Tomorrows Girls

 Moving past the Uk subs with their ever changing line up and countless released and unreleased albums, the first USA band to be mentioned has to be

           The Ramones ( 1974 )
-2,263 concerts and still weren't the Kings of Commercial music but we all know that they were cited as the first Punk band ( to a great extent ) The Ramones crazw not only spread through the USA but hit the UK punk scene too, motivating young punk rockers to start their own shit and attempt to make their mark. and NO, they were not related... pseudonyms
       LISTEN TO : The Crusher

The Business ( 1979 )
- Closely associated o the Oi! movement, the band took a stance against political extremism. Several of their songs have also become UK Football anthems over the years ( most recently in 2001 )

: Guinness Boys

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