The Mud! The Music! The Mayhem!

Andy Whitton Photography (NME) - Dead Weather's Jack White

If your not already dying to be there to witness music history in the makings then im sure that these shots will get you as obsessed with the yearly event as I am.I have lived in Greece where although in the past few years we have had some killer names appear on stage before us, the music scene will never compair to that of the United states of K ... Glastonbury is my dream and now, living in the UK, I feel one step closer to it...so 2011 here I come... and for those of you who have not been quite comvinced yet... Glasto isn't going anywhere soon, so you have years to get there hopefully - for your sake; for OUR sake, I hope so.

Andy Whitton Photography (NME)

Dan Dennison Phptography (NME)  

Dan Dennison Photography (NME)

Dan Dennison Photography (NME) - Wayne Coyne - Flaming Lips

Tom Oxley Photography (NME) - Florence - Florence & the Machine       
We are everywhere Greece...Even at the pyramid stage
...and ofc the fashion idols... all of them

Homing in on royalty & Blur...TOGETHER?

 and this is why I am what I am....because there are places where Prince Charles & Alex North (Blur) can co-exist.... where both Kylie Minogue and Bat for Lashes can perform on the same stage...and where Snoop can chill backstage with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.  



Music & Moods : friends or foes?

Waking up to a tidy room this morning put me in a good mood...sipping coffee and smoking the first cig of the day, the unique tunings of the 'Dirty Projectors' couldn't be a better soundtrack for what I'm feeling - total bliss. Being in a city that I love, living with flat mates that are ace and knowing that I'm here to do exactly what I've always wanted to do has affected my music choices drastically. The point I'm trying to make is that whether you are aware of it or not, our music choices portray what we are feeling, every minue of every day ( as long as the musics on )

I have attached bands to the most distinct of moods.. this is personal but keep this list in mind and you might just agree - and even if you don't, you'll have discovered a few kick-ass bands that you'll love ( if you don't already)

( everything is fine, your mind is clear and you are chilling )

1)  Dirty Projectors - simple but unique sounds with the divine voice of  Angel Deradoorian. Easy to listen to and the lack of loud guitar strums and beating drums will help keep you that peaceful state of mind.
Listen to : Stillness is a Move

2) Florence & the Machine - I'm sure that most of you are fans and frankly, why wouldn't you be? With  a voice and with music so powerful yet so  gentle and that almost dreamy vibe it's almost hard not to love her!
Although songs like 'Hardest of Hearts' & 'You've got the Love' may also fall under the 'Sad' & 'positive' mood categories, i think that the majority of her discography will act as the perfect soundtrack to your chillaxing days in.
Listen to : Swimming

ANGRY ( I have loads for this to be fair, anger is something that I fee on a daily basis but the music I listen to when I'm angry happens to be some of my favorite music anyway! )

1) Rise Against - Have to be one of my favorite bands of all time! Both musically & lyrically untouchable.If you like 'Minor Threat' or the kings of USA punk 'Black Flag' then you will love Rise Against, as it has been said ( and to be fair is obvious) that Tim Mcllrath and the band are influenced by them!
Listen to : Savior

2) The Pretty Reckless ( Yes, guilty pleasure.. little Ms.Taylor Momsen may be of my least favorite teen starts and her character in Gossip Girl pisses me off BUT gotta hand it to you...she can sing and she can write and her band is quite strong. However, for a 16 year old her lyrics are quite dramatic - hard to believe that she has been made to feel like she wats to die )
Listen to: My Medicine
3)  Archive ( Insanely penetrating lyrics and the simplest of sounds - lethal combination when you're spiralling downwards )
Listen to : Fuck You Anyway

4) Slipknot ( what better to blast on full volume and a bit of a bash? )

Listen to : Dead Memories

5) Disco Ensemble ( not only is Mikka Koivisto insanely good looking , but this finnish post hardcore / indie punk band have been one of my steady favorites since their first album Viper Ethics (2003 if im not mistaken?) they just can't go wrong)
Listen to : Worst Night Out


...And the list goes on and on.... I will, at some point, dedicate a whole post just to this

( whether you're happy due to a boy/girl, due to the weather, due to an achievement or just for the fucking sake of being happy, I am 99.9%  sure that these bands with compliment your mood!)

1) Sublime ( there is definitely something that screams happy about most ska punk bands regardless of what the song itself migght be saying through lyrics and in my opinion sublime is one of the best examples )
Listen to : Santeria ( and if you have good summer memories... remenisce while it;s playing and it will just make you smile )

2) Arctic Monkeys , The Kooks & Jamie T ( I'm not saying that these 3 bands are similar enough to place them in one group, bt they have the same effect on me... I smile for no reason and I get bubbly feelings! Love them to bits and I'm sure you do too! something about the distinct accents and the sunny sounds! )
Listen to : Old Yellow Bricks , Eddies Gun and Sheila

3) Ida Maria ( kick ass voice, kick ass lyrics and kick ass music. said enough? old school influences and an old school vibe yet so new and fresh! )
Listen to : Stella
4) The Beatles ( No, I'm not just honouring my new hometown but the boys have got that something that just make you smile...from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to Come Together, they have me smiling! the old school quality of their recordings together with their playful and smiley live perfomances rightfully started the craze  'Beatlemania' and rightfully keep it up today, so many years later. Timeless and Irreplacable.
Listen to : She loves you 

  SAD ( Angry and Sad are two of my default moods. I'm a happy person by nature, but just like moods affect the music you choose to listen to, I believe that your music choices can also affect your mood..so that may be why )

1) Lifehouse ( Jason Wade's voice is surely a big part of lifehouses' effect on me... soft, beautiful and very expressive.  A big part of a touching song is the voice - and the voice with no feeling is pointless..he proves this. Famous for 'Hanging By a Moment' and many other songs which have fetured in famous romantic films over the years, Lifehouse will comfort you as you get comfy with Ben&Jerrys and a pack of cigs.
Listen to : Broken

2) Band of Horses ( Oh my God, kill me... The most eerie of voices and the saddest of tunes...but oh so beautiful. Ben Bridwell you kill me dude! )
Listen to: The Funeral ( and put the volume on max for full effect)

3)  The Kills ( Alison Mosshart , also known from the 'Dead Weather' - Jack White's latest band, in my opinion is the ultimate rocky front woman: Gorgeous, Expressive and Talented. The old-school, kind of grungy sound compliments a down day just as much as the white stripes compliment empty )
Listen to: Balck Balloon

So, I've basically opened up to the fullest ( musically of course! ) and I'd love to know who agrees and who does not.. who likes what and who likes no
t. xxx


tune of the hour

The shys - Easy on the Eyes
this band is one to look up... also check out 'call in the cavalry (ft. in 'Prom Night' the film)
peace & love


Dub & D'n'B save the day

 check this out:

whether you are in Greece or the Uk (or any other european country for that matter) you will notice and agree that Dubstep and Drum n Bass are Music 2010. I may not be the expert on D'n'B and Dub but I can safely say that I do see why as genres they have taken the music scene by storm...Whether on a beach in the coastal areas of Greece, in the warehouse clubs of Amsterdam or the student clubs of Liverpool, the blend of fast and slow beats and electronic loups set the ideal atmosphere for a good night out. The thing that I found so unique about the craze is that thanks to Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass, people (more specifically young people) have finally stopped labelling themselves musically - punks, glams, goths and trend setters all enjoy a bit of dubstep here and there. If the craze continues throughout 2010 will we finally become a label-less, open-minded, multi genric music society?