9 days to go 'till my big move from Athens to Liverpool and so far the anxiety hasn't kicked in. Excitement yes, curiosity yes, and the urge to self discover and expand my horizons yes... 5 things that come to mind are concerts, people, fashion, music and a new, fresh, vibrant city that I can't wait to explore! The truth is that I have put a lot of pressure on myself and the expectations are high: find a band, get writing and play as many gigs as possible... live to the fullest and enjoy everything because these ARE the best years of your life... meet people that will help you grow as a person and make friends for life... make it through with your head held high and don't  let anybody let it fall - not even for a single second. show no weakness and show no fear cuz in the world we live in, you will get eaten alive. Good luck Christina... may the best man win

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  1. I hate u. Just so u know! U ALREADY HAVE FRIENDS FOR LIFE! AND U SHOULDNT MOVE PLEASE STAY HERE:( I know that Ive become SO annoying and I repeat myself like all day long, but Im just gonna miss u so so much! And I DID NOT like this post. X