Dub & D'n'B save the day

 check this out:

whether you are in Greece or the Uk (or any other european country for that matter) you will notice and agree that Dubstep and Drum n Bass are Music 2010. I may not be the expert on D'n'B and Dub but I can safely say that I do see why as genres they have taken the music scene by storm...Whether on a beach in the coastal areas of Greece, in the warehouse clubs of Amsterdam or the student clubs of Liverpool, the blend of fast and slow beats and electronic loups set the ideal atmosphere for a good night out. The thing that I found so unique about the craze is that thanks to Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass, people (more specifically young people) have finally stopped labelling themselves musically - punks, glams, goths and trend setters all enjoy a bit of dubstep here and there. If the craze continues throughout 2010 will we finally become a label-less, open-minded, multi genric music society?

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