The Mud! The Music! The Mayhem!

Andy Whitton Photography (NME) - Dead Weather's Jack White

If your not already dying to be there to witness music history in the makings then im sure that these shots will get you as obsessed with the yearly event as I am.I have lived in Greece where although in the past few years we have had some killer names appear on stage before us, the music scene will never compair to that of the United states of K ... Glastonbury is my dream and now, living in the UK, I feel one step closer to it...so 2011 here I come... and for those of you who have not been quite comvinced yet... Glasto isn't going anywhere soon, so you have years to get there hopefully - for your sake; for OUR sake, I hope so.

Andy Whitton Photography (NME)

Dan Dennison Phptography (NME)  

Dan Dennison Photography (NME)

Dan Dennison Photography (NME) - Wayne Coyne - Flaming Lips

Tom Oxley Photography (NME) - Florence - Florence & the Machine       
We are everywhere Greece...Even at the pyramid stage
...and ofc the fashion idols... all of them

Homing in on royalty & Blur...TOGETHER?

 and this is why I am what I am....because there are places where Prince Charles & Alex North (Blur) can co-exist.... where both Kylie Minogue and Bat for Lashes can perform on the same stage...and where Snoop can chill backstage with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.  


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