the man behind the posters

         So let me set the scene: You're walking down the street heading for the bus stop, or waiting for a friend on a  corner...what are you surrounded by other than people, dog shit, honking cars and buildings? or better yet, what do you see on every street corner, on every electricity poles or bus stop? Posters. A never ending supply of reminders of upcoming gigs and festivals all attempting to attract your attention with bright colours and busy fonts. Some you may look at, out of boredom, out of curiosity or maybe just because the backround is so bright that you can't help but look...but have you ever sat and wondered who the person behind these posters is? Have you ever imagined the amount of things he/she has seen, musicians he's talked to, labels he's nagotiated with? Probably not, and yeah...I hadn't either until I came across 'Secret Serpents' (http://secretserpents.wordpress.com) a blog dedicated not only to the musicians, but to the artists behind the covers and the posters that inform you and me that this band is ready to get loud..make an impact or simply be introduced.
Little recognition but a hell of a lot of memories I bet!
  Now, I may call myself a musician, but an artist in the sense of art & design I am not...and although my passion lies in other fields as well as music, I had never realised the talent behind these album covers, or behind the posters I see online. In a nutshell, the fact that one man alone, for example Alan Forbes, the man who is responsible for the creations  have showcased in this post, has worked with the likes of  AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, Black Crows, Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age and an insane amount of other ace musicians strikes me as quite an achievement.

 Alan Forbes - Artist/Designer of rock band posters, symbols and album covers.

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