19 years of age..19 years of inspiration - TO BE CONTINUED...

It's 3:44 AM and as the dedicated blogger that I am, I have decided that it is about time that this much researched project becomes a post.

I have been alive for 19 whole years; 6935 days. In those 6935 days more than 18 killer albums have been released by more than 18 killer bands and this post is dedicated to the ones that have inspired me. I don't care if they are of no interest to you and I don't care if they haven't inspired you, touched you or influenced you. This is my blog and it's all about me. 

This is my life in albums...


- SNFU - The Last of the Big Time Suspenders  - SNFU have always been one of my top 5 bands. The fact that the release of this album marked the reunion of this band automatically places it in my 'favorote albums' list. Although it is not on this album, listen to ' Painful Reminder' and if after having listened to it you are not a fan then you obviously don't get what punk is about.

 - Dire Straits - On Every Street - 'You only get one life - this I know, I wanna get my licks in now before I go.' Basically, the lyrics of 'When It Comes To You' are an example of why I respect and idolize Dire Straits. This album alone ( not to mention the many other killer releases), is enough to get you to feel the same. this Blues, Jazz and rock influenced talent struck band is and ought to be globally renownded and it is my request that they are never forgotten.


- Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom -  Reggae, ska yet hardcore punk. I am pretty sure that everyone has at some time or other listened to Sublime. R.I.P Bradley Nowell. Sublime not only bring originality to the table, but bring a vibe of their own too. Sublime; we salute you. Listen to 'waiting for my Ruca' if you want to experience music from a completely alternative yet weird point of view...you will get hooked; I know it. 


- Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine - I'm not gonna lie...I was introduced to RATM by my guitar teacher; the most inspirational man I have yet to meet. Sitting in the bleachers of my school listening to 'Know Your Enemy', I though I was the coolest girl in year 7. Now I realize that this image I had painted of myself was justified. Rage Against the Machine were, are and will always be one of the most talented group of musicians...fact. Their harsh lyrics and the whole concept of combining hip hop and the killer strumming of Tom Morello into one song is genius and the mark they made in music history will remain. Listen to 'Know your Enemy.' I have nothing else to say.


-  Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dreams - A force. Smashing Pumpkins are a force and their second album 'Siamese Dreams' showcases their talent, originality and boundary pushing. Lyrically and musically ace. Pop, Heavy Metal & Rock...they got it all! Listen to 'Silverfuck' if you have yet to understand why I'm singing their praises. ( many seem to disagree with my opinion of them?)


- NOFX - Punk in Drublic - The official Innovators: playing gigs at the most hardcore venues, writing some of punks biggest masterpieces based on matters that make you think. They say we are NOFX and we don't care of this offends you, confuses you or makes you laugh...fuck convention. Doing things there own way , they released Punk In Drublic in 1994 bringing yet another 18 pure genius songs to their already slamming discography. Listen to 'Reeko' by far my favorite track off this album.

- The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge -  Released after Jaggers solo effort with 'Wandering Spirit' this album takes fans back to before the years of 'Tattoo you' and into Rolling Stone past. Obviously, we all know that this is not the stones best album, as history lies between tracks on albums such as 'Aftermath' and 'Beggers Banguet' however I like to think of this 1994 one as the rolling stones stripped of everything but their pure talent and passion. We see the Rolling Stones having fun with tehir talent and doing what they do best. The tracks suggest 'we love this' as apose to the 'you will love this' vibe given off from past records. Truth be told, whatever the vibe, the stones will always be the stones; untouchable and irreplacable in rock and roll history. Personally, the killer on this album is 'New Faces.' As apose to other songs on the album, it doesn't remind me of tracks on 'Tattoo you' or 'Steel Wheels.'


- Rancid -And out come the wolves - with songs like the ones on Rancids third album released in 1995, is it any wonder why they are one of the only bands who made it to the mid 90s punk scene unchanged and still coming out with their original, ska influenced catchy tunes? The album went platinum in 2004. Rancid, with this album released at the time it was, revived the true meaning of punk and kept it out there in the pop dominated 90s. Personally, I believe that the killer on this album is 'Roots Radical' because as well as being an amazing song, the actual roots of the song are fascinating to...look it up. Of course, 'Ruby Soho' and 'Timebomb' being monumental songs, added to the all around success of this album.


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