so I talk about the people who listen to music, the people who make music, the people who help sell music but what about the people who are obsessed with the people who make music? 

No...not the loyal fans...the groupies. Lets talk about the groupies.

Urban Dictionary says that by definition a groupie is: 'A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys. '
 I reject the implication that a groupie is a term referring solely to women so I decided I'd correct this crappy definition as we all know that girl bands from the Runaways to Bikini Kill all had Groupies... and if I'm not mistaken they weren't all 'under age girls.' 
So by Christina's definition a groupie is: ' An extreme fan, male or female, who seeks to achieve status or publicity by having sex with, stalking or simply freaking out musicians.Not roadies or security guards.'
I wanna introduce some of the most successful groupies. Now, that sentence is pathetic- I know, but if the term 'groupie' brings up 10,500,000 results on google then I guess it should make for an interesting blog post.
PS. it is a complete coincidence that most of the people I plan on mentioning are female.

PAMELLA ANN MILLER ( Later Pamella Des Barres )

Pamella was your regular teenage dreamer. She grew up in Los Angeles and regularly fantasized about future relations with  Paul MacCartney and Mick Jagger. ( to name a few )  What separates her from many of the other girls fantasizing about sexual relations with their idols in the 1960's is that she actually put those plans into action.

 Dan Van Vliet ( Captain Beefheart ) was the one to get her settled in the LA rock music scene. Without him and the circles he ran in, Pam would never have met Bill Wyman and she wouldn't of met Frank Zappa and she definitely wouldn't have ended up babysitting his children. Her job as a babysitter scored her even more connections and those connections led to much fantasized sexual relations with Mick Jagger (one of many) and 'friendships' with Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Noel Redding ( played in Jimi Hendrix band ), Gram Parson (of the Byrds)  and Don Johnson ( actor and musician). 

Here comes the part where groupies start to really piss me off. They get in with the musicians and next thing you know they are opening act for Zappa's band ' Mothers of Invention.' She scored a place in the all girl group 'The GTO's' formed by her bestie Frank Zappa. The fact that the line up consisted of Pam and another 7 fellow groupies implies that they were being rewarded for their 'services' and the fact that they were referred to as more of an enigma that a band ( due to the fact that none of them were actual musicians ) also implies that they didn't deserve the credit they got in the first place. So yeah, hope you understand why young musicians such as myself might be annoyed that a bunch of groupies supported Zappa on tour and we're in the UK writing about them.

She later married Michael Des Barres from 'Detective' and 'Silverhead' 

Now, I know that I may have been quite harsh so here is where I give her the credit she deserved. She said she'd do it, and she did it. She said she'd be with the band and she was. She said she'd witness rock history in the makings and she did, so for that, I admire you Pam.Read 'I'm with the band' which she wrote to let us all in on the life of the 'it groupie' of her generation.


  1. Where are the rest of the groupies, lady?
    Good post. You're really starting to find your voice.

  2. the rest will be up soon! thank you lex. see you soon.